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Our vision is to increase the number of successful female founders from funding to exits to investing

Lauren Flanagan
Lauren Flanagan 
Julie Silverstein
Julie Silverstein

How We Work Together

We have been friends for 15 years after meeting at a party near our homes in southwestern Michigan (GO BLUE!).  We bonded over sports, gourmet cooking, dogs, and helping women in business. Julie's a big Yankee fan and Lauren loves the San Francisco 49ers and Giants. Julie has two bulldogs and Lauren has a mini-Labradoodle.


Over the years, we've been go-to advisers to each other for our various business ventures. Julie's desire to help female entrepreneurs led her to BELLE Capital, USA where she is an investor and sits on the investment committee, and to start BiteSize Solutions with Lauren. Lauren wanted to partner with Julie because our skill sets are two sides of the same coin. Between us we cover the life cycle from startup to exit to investing.  In addition to our commitment to developing more opportunities for women to be successful in business, the most important aspects of coming together are our shared belief in having fun and wanting quality time with our families and friends. We feel like if these two things work, the rest will follow. 


We're not sure we really believe that women can have it all - but women can achieve work-life balance and we certainly believe in making it a priority. 

Julie was able to materially improve my sales process in two short sessions. She helped us understand why clients are buying and exactly who we are targeting. With a little bit of focus we were able to better communicate across our team and more effectively move prospects through our sales process. Her counsel to our start up has been invaluable."

Lisa Carrel

Chief Sales Officer & Co-Founder, Proxfinity

Julie was a vital partner in getting Eved to market, nurturing our first clients and problem solving with me on a daily basis. She's positive, supportive and creative - a founder's best friend.

Talia Mashiach

CEO, Founder & Product Architect, Eved

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Lauren helps founders find their perfect pitch. She co-created our Dolphin Tank Series and excels at fast and impactful feedback.

Amy Millman

President Springboard Enterprises

Lauren was my lifeline from being brought in as CEO until we exited successfully.

Irene Hrusovsky MD

former CEO Eragen

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I’m a lifelong entrepreneur turned investor and strategic advisor.  My mission is to grow the ecosystem of women entrepreneurs and women investors. We women are the solution to our capital access problem.

I co-founded and run two funds of women investing in women-led tech companies, Phenomenelle Angels Fund and BELLE Capital USA. To date I’ve invested in more than 40 companies and helped to syndicate multiple rounds of funding for dozens of companies. I’ve helped 100s of companies with strategy, sales and marketing. I serve on the board of the premier network for women entrepreneurs, Springboard Enterprises, which has helped 750 women-led companies raise more than $9 billion. We’ve had 17 IPOs, several "unicorns", had scores of successful exits and more than 80% of the companies are still in business on their own or as an acquired entity.

My specialty is getting companies up and running and making sales. I'm a geek. I love solving problems with technology.

I've spent my career running companies, breaking through glass ceilings and building careers for the people around me. I'm now an investor, mentor, coach and strategic advisor. My personal mission is to help companies develop gender neutral workplaces.


I spent the first part of my career in a traditional client services company, which I went on to lead as the first woman president of the world's largest professional services organization for trade associations and not for profits. I've built, led and participated in thousands of board meetings, both not for profit and corporate. I've successfully executed operating plans across hundreds of industries and bring a specific expertise to services industries.  


I pivoted into technology start ups  in the second part of my career, specifically partnering with female founders to launch their companies. I also advise several early tech start ups in the event industry.


I love to go from strategy to execution because I still love a hard deadline and the joy of seeing the fruits of a successful operation.  



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Where we've been and what's next 

Springboard Enterprises, October 21-25, 2019, NYC

Dell Women Entrepreneurs Network Summit, July 14-16, 2019, Singapore

Circular Summit, May 9-10, 2019 Sonoma County

Angel Capital Association Summit April 26, 2019, Chicago

Panelist on "Nurturing Startups During an Economic Downturn" 

Lauren Flanagan with Faz Bashi, Life Science Angels

Lesbians Who Tech Summit, March 1, 2019, San Francisco

Panelist on "Lessons on Scaling Startups"

Lauren Flanagan with Monique Woodard moderated by Sally Krawcheck, Ellevest

Pipeline Entrepreneurs Awards, January 25, 2019, Omaha

Lauren Flanagan, Presentation Judge with Elizabeth Yin, Renee Cohen, Angela Martinez

Springboard Enterprises, October 15-19, 2018, NYC

Lauren Flanagan, Pitch feedback, Digital Health Cohort Bootcamp

Women Funding Women, September 18, 2018, São Paulo

Lauren Flanagan, Speaker and Pitch Session Moderator

Women Funding Women, September 13, 2018, Mexico City

Lauren Flanagan, Speaker at "la Semana Nacional del Emprendedor 2018"

Lauren Flanagan, Pitch Session Moderator

Dell Women Entrepreneurs Network Summit, July 15-19, 2018, Toronto

Angel Capital Association (ACA), April 19, 2018, Boston

Springboard Enterprises Dolphin Tank Pitch Session, moderated by Lauren Flanagan

ACA Panel presentation by Lauren Flanagan and Dan Rosen on the "Wisdom of Hunting Game Smaller than Unicorns”

Circular Summit, April 12, 2018, Washington DC

Web Panel on "Monetizing your Business” 

Lauren Flanagan with Abe Minkara and Kate Goodall, moderated by Meredith Finn, Salesforce

SXSW, March 9-12, 2018, Austin

Lauren Flanagan, Panelist at Women Funding Women with Karen Moon, moderated by Trisa Thompson, Dell

Lauren Flanagan, panelist with Trish Costello and Karen Cahn, "New Girls Network"

Lauren Flanagan, Pitch Judge Netherlands' Entrepreneurs

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