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Our speed coaching methodology allows us to assess, guide and offer pragmatic solutions in small bites of consulting time so that you don’t disrupt your forward momentum. 

How long we engage is up to you. If you're succinct, focused and decisive, we can tackle any issue together in 15 minutes. 

We help you make great decisions, quickly. And avoid major mistakes in just 15 minutes a week.

Phase Life


From the basic to the complex, make sure your company

is ready to roll before taking the big leap into funding.


Strategic Goal Setting and Alignment 

  • Setting and tracking achievable company and growth goals 

  • Creating a simple business plan that guides early stages 

  • Aligning work teams to goals 

  • Holding your teams accountable to measurable results 

  • Tools for easy tracking and updating KPIs 

Executing with Excellence 

  • Setting and tracking operational goals 

  • Determine business and pricing models for short and longer term 

  • Leveraging the "founder sale" 

  • Doing more with less - using a small team to its potential

  • Qualifying, nurturing and acquiring your first clients 

  • Building industry champions 

  • Capturing and keeping enterprise clients as a start up 

  • Learning "lean" client management 

  • Developing and tracking product road maps 

  • Understanding company stages while you are in them and hitting proof points 

  • Prioritizing where the traction is and staying focused 

  • Filing for and protecting your IP 

Executive Team Organization and Performance Coaching

  • General hiring strategies and which is best for you 

  • Setting up successful management structures 

  • Determining timing and skill sets of key hires 

  • Understanding how and when to hire for growth 

  • Compensation and equity packages for executives

  • Setting up employee option pools and determining set asides

  • Setting your executives up for success 

  • Performance coaching for start up executives 


Not all funding sources are created equal. Figure out what's right for you 

and your exit goals.


Successful Fundraising 

  • Fundraising strategy - what sources do you need at what stages

  • Understanding funding options and choosing the right path for you 

  • Creating compelling investor pitch decks 

  • Finding the right funding resources for you 

  • Finding the right investors 

  • How to perform investor diligence and why it's so important

  • Deal terms explained 

  • Setting funding goals: how much do you need for how long?

  • How to think about early company valuations

  • Know your exit strategy and how to plan for it 

  • Negotiating your first investor deal 

Board and Advisory Council Structures 

  • How to set up and leverage critical board and advisory council assets 

  • Choosing the right governance structure 

  • Timing of board evaluations 

  • Turning investors into mentors, coaches and advisors 

  • Creating simple financial reporting for boards

  • Best practice board meeting frequency and format 

  • Leveraging an Advisory Council for ongoing learning 

  • Choosing the best professional services partners and why it matters


CASH is King (or Queen). Learn how to prioritize resources

and kick butt on sales.

Financial Management Basics

  • Basic reporting for you and your team

  • Understanding and managing cash flow needs 

  • Managing expenses - staying lean in early days 

  • Financial tools, software and resources 

  • Developing a realistic forecast 

  • Using your numbers to tell your story 

Go To Market Strategy 

  • Making sure you are fulfilling a market need 

  • Determining the market opportunity 

  • Determining best initial market target 

  • Developing a compelling value proposition

  • Establishing diferentiated positions

  • Understanding the role of the product roadmap and product life cycle 

  • Options for slaes and distribution strategies 

  • Researching, courting and adding strategic partners 

  • Efficient lead generation 

  • Determining revenue and profitability expectations 

Executing with Excellence 

  • Setting and tracking operational goals 

  • Doing more with less - using a small team to its potential 

  • Early sales strategies and the "founder sale" 

  • Qualifying, nurturing and acquiring your first clients 

  • Building industry champions 

  • Capturing and keeping enterprise clients 

  • Lean client management - doing more with less 

  • Creating product roadmaps 

  • Understanding company stages while you are in them and hitting proof points


You earned it. Make sure you understand all the factors that go

into getting whatever defines your success.

Plan your end at the beginning 

  • Know where you’re going and what success means for you.

  • Get tax and legal advice early for best financial strategies for you.

  • It’s not how much you raise or you sell for, it’s how much you keep.


Exit options

  • Selling to a strategic acquirer

  • Merge with a synergistic company

  • Go public or reverse merger

  • Management or employee buyout,

  • Sell your shares to a skilled operator

  • Milk the cash cow, liquidate assets

  • When to hire a broker or investment banker and what to look for


Preparing for exit

  • Succession planning

  • Getting your financial house in order

  • Extending your IP

  • Stock option plan terms

  • Management incentive plan

Qualifying the buyer

  • Getting to the best deal terms

  • Valuing your company

  • Do I stay or do I go 

  • Retaining employees post-exit

  • Performance bonuses and extended payments

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